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Message by Dr. Uzair Nagra (Chairman PPMA NORTH)

Message by Dr. Uzair Nagra (Chairman PPMA NORTH)

Pakistan has a very vibrant and forward looking Pharma Industry. Pharmaceutical industry plays a vital role in the development of a health society and economy. State has a role to guarantee access to health service which can only be ebsured with the help of competitive pharmaceutical industry capable of producing safe, effective and affordable drugs to tackle known disease and new outbreaks.
Pakistan Pharma Industry is a knowledge based industry. It’s going through a transition phase of modernization to cater local pharmaceutical requirements and to access more regulated market like Europe and USA.

Currently Pharmaceutical Industry is fulfilling more than 95% of the domestic pharmaceutical requirements. Our goals are to ensure availability of quality medicines to all at reasonable price and to enhance exports of the country by accessing more value added markets of Europe and USA.

The National pharma industry has shown a progressive growth over the years, particularly over the last one decade. The industry has invested substantially to upgrade itself in the last few years and today the majority industry is following Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), in accordance with the domestic as well as international Guidance. Currently the industry has the capacity to manufacture a variety of product ranging from simple pills to sophisticated Biotech, Oncology and Value Added Generic compounds.

PPMA feels strongly about the fact that all its members possess all requisite facilities necessary for the production of pharmaceuticals of quality and should comply with cGMP standards.

We are proud of the hi-tech, essential and high quality National Pharmaceutical Industry which has significance for the country in term of self-reliance to a great extent.

The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry is a success story, providing high quality essential drugs at affordable prices to Millions. Technologically, strong and self reliant National Pharmaceutical Industry is not only playing a key role in promoting and sustaining development in the vital field of medicine within the country, but is also well set to take on the international markets.